Air France Cutlery Turns Into a Toy Plane


Most airplane food is forgettable fare, optimized for space and transport instead of taste. But those same constraints can lead to uncommonly tasteful tableware, such as these playful new Eugeni Quitllet silverware sets designed for Air France.

There are three new Quitllet-designed sets of cutlery, all manufactured by IPI: a traditional, metal set of silverware for first class, a plastic version for ‘Premium Economy,’ and a fun, blister-pack set for kids. Both the first-class and the premium economy versions are identical except for the material used; both feature a form inspired by Bernoulli’s principle and air flight in general. But adults in all cabins will be clamoring for the set reserved for children. Perhaps the most interesting of the three sets, it comes in a blister pack that breaks down into six pieces. Three of those pieces resemble wing pieces, and they slot directly into the provided silverware, approximating the form of an airplane. “For children the goal was to transform the cutlery into a toy,” Quitllet says. “Something that you can keep and play longer after your meal.”